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Electrostatic Disinfection is The Easiest Way to Stay Open and COVID-Free

Even with the economy opening up more, COVID-19 is still showing no signs of going away. Many customers are reluctant to go into businesses, and employees are apprehensive about going back to the office. Mask laws have made it safer to go out, but business owners and managers still have to think about keeping their customers and employees safe. 

Businesses can take precautions by installing plexiglass barriers, going cashless, or disinfecting with wipes. These precautions help customers and employees feel safer and will reduce the likelihood of an outbreak, which could devastate the economy once again.

Most people recognize that regular cleaning of offices and businesses can help ward off a COVID-19 outbreak. However, it is not common knowledge how important disinfecting is, or how to properly disinfect so that no virus remains on your surfaces.

Regular Office Cleaning is Vital

The coronavirus can live for up to 5 days on surfaces. Bathrooms are an especially high-risk area and need to be decontaminated often. There was a recent case that was confirmed to have been transmitted through an airplane bathroom. Metal, wood and glass are the surfaces where the virus lives the longest – 4-5 days.

Electrostatic disinfection of office

It’s not feasible to clean your whole office or business with wipes or hand spray if there are large surface areas. This is very time-consuming and you’re unlikely to properly disinfect every part of every surface. If you have rough or uneven surfaces, or surfaces that are hard to reach, simply wiping does not reach every part of the surface – you’ll need a sprayer. But not all sprayers are created equal.

How Does an Electrostatic Sprayer Work?

Electrostatic disinfection uses electrically charged cleaning spray to increase the effectiveness of disinfectant. The disinfectant is given a positive charge, which allows it to strongly adhere to negatively charged surfaces. 

An electrode on the sprayer nozzle introduces a positive charge to the cleaning solution particles which allow it to uniformly adhere to all parts of a negatively charged surface.

The attractive forces are stronger than the force of gravity, which means that the disinfectant spray adheres to vertical edges or other nooks and crannies that normal spray may miss. This prevents the virus from surviving and potentially infecting people that touch the surface.

How Does Electrostatic Disinfection Kill the Coronavirus?

Studies show that electrostatic disinfection is effective on viruses and bacteria. Electrostatic spray systems are 29 times better than conventional spray systems at reaching the back sides of target surfaces. Electrostatic disinfection is also more efficient than manual application at reducing pathogens. One study found that electrostatic was more effective than a conventional sprayer in reducing salmonella on eggs and spinach.

There’s also less runoff with electrostatic disinfection, meaning that the pathogen does not get washed off a surface and cross-contaminate other areas. There’s 6 ml average runoff with electrostatic sprayers compared to 450 ml with conventional sprayers.

Electrostatic sprayers also use disinfectant more efficiently. 75% less disinfectant was wasted in one study compared to the traditional backpack sprayer. Because spray easily reaches the back side of surfaces due to the attractive force, it is unnecessary to spray from every angle. This means that a room can be sprayed much more quickly and thoroughly than with traditional sprayers.

Why Use SteriRight’s Electrostatic Disinfection?

SteriRight uses electrostatic disinfection because we want to thoroughly remove the virus from your business, but also do it in a way that is quick and minimizes disruption to your business. Our electrostatic technology is state-of-the-art and ensures the cleaning solution reaches every inch of your surfaces. The cleaning solutions we use are proven to kill coronavirus pathogens.

Electrostatic spraying uses a smaller amount of cleaning solution than other spraying methods, so it dries faster and doesn’t leave an intense odour. We’ll be in and out of your business in no time – we can even spray your office’s communal spaces during the workday with minimal disruption.

We are flexible and can find a cleaning time that works well for you. Contact us today to book a time.

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