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SteriRight is a Hamilton-based start-up backed by its parent company Bay Area Health Trust. We provide mask reprocessing and electrostatic disinfection services. Read more on our About Us page.

Bay Area Health Trust is a for-profit private trust that has been delivering a diverse set of healthcare related services for over 15 years, creating novel business lines in response to demonstrated market demand. As part of a trust, SteriRight’s profits are used for the benefit of its beneficiaries, including Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) – the 2nd largest hospital network in Canada and the largest research hospital in the region.

Masks can be shipped to our facility in Hamilton, Ontario or reprocessed on-site with our mobile lab.

When your masks arrive, a SteriRight technician will inspect them for damage, mark and tag them for tracking, then run them through the sanitization unit.

When disinfection is complete clean masks are inspected again, labelled, repackaged and sent back to the original user.

N95 masks are processed through a state-of-the-art technology called the Clean Flow Healthcare Mini which uniquely uses ozone, proprietary hydrogen peroxide, and UV-C light that is proven to kill 99.99% of a surrogate for COVID-19. Read more about mask reprocessing on our services page.

Authorization for the process was issued by Health Canada through an interim order and validated by labs at the University of Guelph and McMaster University. Large hospital networks across Canada utilize this same technology to reprocess their N95 masks. The process also leaves no odour or residue.

The process is very quick and takes only minutes for a batch of masks to be disinfected. Whether you choose the mobile or ship-to service, your order will be turned around quickly.

The global demand for PPE has strained supply chains and caused shortages. SteriRight was created to address these shortages and provide a safety net to organizations, offering businesses access to hospital-grade reprocessing technology that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Masks can be reprocessed up to ten times. SteriRight tracks how many times a mask has been treated during the inspection process.

Electrostatic disinfection provides a charge to a disinfectant solution so that it electromagnetically sticks to a surface, providing 360-degree coverage and disinfecting in seconds. Read more about how electrostatic disinfection works on our services page.

The disinfectant solution is the same used in hospitals. It kills 23 pathogens including cold, flu, COVID-19, norovirus, and MRSA in just two minutes. It kills C. diff in 5 minutes. It also kills 38 additional bacteria, viruses, and fungi in just 1 minute.

Yes. Charged particles more evenly coat a surface including hard to reach or shadowed areas for more thorough disinfection.

Yes. This solution is regularly used in healthcare facilities. There is no odour or residue and the solution is safe on most surfaces – even your electronics at the office.

First, we get the solution applied uniformly and efficiently to the prescribed area. The particles will then maintain a cationic charge for two to three seconds to allow the disinfectant to work. Based on the application model, we can reach hard to get to areas easily and quickly, ensuring safety in every nook and cranny of your facility.

It depends on the size of your facility but, SteriRight can treat up to 300 square feet per minute or 18,000 square feet per hour – up to four times faster than other types of applications!

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