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Electrostatic Disinfection is The Easiest Way to Stay Open and COVID-Free

Even with the economy opening up more, COVID-19 is still showing no signs of going away. Many customers are reluctant to go into businesses, and …

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Vaccine Won’t Be Quick Fix. Prepare for a Long-Lasting Pandemic.

There is plenty of news coming out about a COVID-19 vaccine, and with good reason. The world is unlikely to get back to any semblance …

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Mandatory Face Mask Laws Are Here. Will They Make It Harder to Procure PPE?

Next time you go to the bank or grocery store, don’t forget your mask or you might not be allowed in. Most large municipalities in …

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Stockpile or Disinfect N95s? How to Maintain PPE Supply During COVID-19

With face masks, especially N95s, and other PPE (personal protective equipment) becoming necessary for the economy to reopen, businesses have to wrestle with how to …

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COVID Waste is Harming the Environment. Here’s How to Limit Single-Use Masks and PPE.

One of the lasting images of the COVID-19 pandemic will be the site of PPE (personal protective equipment) discarded on the side of the road. …

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How to Clean COVID-19 Masks for Reuse

Face masks have become a consistent recommendation among the world’s health organizations to slow the spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately, this has created a shortage in …

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