Why SteriRight?

With the onset of COVID-19, personal protective equipment (PPE) is in short supply around the globe. First responders and frontline healthcare workers must have steady access to the tools they need to keep all of us safe. Many sectors are adopting the use of N95 respirator masks for the first time, creating further demand. Additionally, organizations across the country are adopting new sanitization practices. They are continually challenged to find ways to keep their staff and customers safe, to prevent contamination, and to quickly recover from business interruption if a positive case occurs. SteriRight’s hospital-grade N95 respirator mask sanitization service:
  • reduces procurement pressure
  • reduces costs
  • reduces single-use waste

State-of-the-art technology like SteriRight’s electrostatic disinfection service provides organizations in every sector a way to:
  • recover quickly from business interruption
  • meet ongoing demands for preventative disinfection
SteriRight’s solutions for extending critical PPE lifespan and managing preventative sanitizing standards came about as a response to complex, escalating needs in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. They’re backed by a team of healthcare and life science technology industry experts at Bay Area Health Trust. The resulting technologies include several benefits to clients and communities. Benefits of Mask Reprocessing include the following:
  • Reprocessing N95 respirator masks relieves pressure on supply chains and allows organizations to build a safety net of PPE supply. Masks can be returned to the original user.
  • After sanitization, masks can be returned immediately or stored at SteriRight’s facility for future use.
  • It is cost-efficient. Masks can be reprocessed up to ten times, reducing costs associated with obtaining new masks.
  • It is environmentally friendly. Mask reprocessing and reuse is more sustainable and reduces waste.
  • Both mobile on-site and ship-to service options are available and provide a fast turnaround. On-site masks can be reprocessed, safely repackaged, and returned within a couple of hours, depending on batch size.
  • Health Canada issued authorization for this process through an interim order.
  • It complies with Ontario Health’s recommendations for Optimizing the Supply of Personal Protective Equipment During the COVID-19 Pandemic, which states, “In the context of depleted supplies of PPE during a pandemic, using validated sterilization and disinfection methods to decontaminate PPE for future use should be considered in your crisis plans in settings where it can be safely done.”
You can learn more about our mask reprocessing service and technology on our services page. Benefits of Electrostatic Disinfection include:
  • minimizing interruption following an incident. If there has been confirmed COVID-19 virus contact at your organization, SteriRight responds quickly and disinfects thoroughly so you can get back to work.
  • Preventative measure. A regularly scheduled visit from SteriRight will provide ongoing safety for your staff and customers.
  • The whole process is quick and ideal for large spaces. The SteriRight system can treat up to 300 square feet per minute or 18,000 square feet per hour.
  • The spray works on contact, and it takes as little as two seconds to disinfect any surface it touches.
  • SteriRight technicians are highly trained. They adhere to industry best practices for treating your facility, so you can count on them to ensure that every inch of your business is covered.
  • It’s more than a deep clean; It’s a thorough sanitization. Electrostatically charged particles of a disinfectant solution combined with air uniformly coat surfaces, even in hard-to-reach places, killing bacteria in seconds.
  • The solution is efficient and reduces costs. The system uses 65% less solution than traditional trigger sprayers and leaves no odour or residue.
  • It adds value to your services and builds confidence in your organization. A SteriRight treatment provides a layer of safety and security that both employees and customers can appreciate.
  • It relieves the pressure on your team. It can be tough for in-house staff to endure the stress that comes with sanitizing high-volume workplaces. While they work hard to maintain new standards of disinfection daily, a SteriRight treatment can provide additional peace of mind.
You can learn more about our electrostatic disinfection service and technology on our services page. Contact us for a service quote today or call 905-521-2248 for more information.

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