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SteriRight offers innovative solutions to help business owners keep their teams and customers safe, and their doors open.

SteriRight’s N95 mask reprocessing services can extend the life of N95 masks reducing the pressure on supply chains, the costs of acquiring new equipment and the impact of single-use waste on the environment.

Electrostatic disinfection is the process by which an electrostatically charged disinfectant solution is combined with air to create a mist that evenly coats and disinfects surfaces. As a preventative measure, this regular service adds a layer of security to your operations and value to your clientele. As a one-time treatment, it reduces business interruption following an incident so you can get back to work quickly and safely.

Mask reprocessing and electrostatic disinfection services were developed to help address critical PPE shortages and hard surface contamination to minimize business interruption.

Businesses throughout the Hamilton region are adapting to the increased demands for safety and sanitization by partnering with SteriRight. Public-facing spaces such as restaurants, cafés, movie theatres, and retail stores can protect their patrons with regularly scheduled electrostatic disinfection treatments. Long-term care homes, daycare centres, colleges, and universities trust in our top-of-the-line technology and hospital-grade solution to kill germs. Essential workers in food processing plants, shipping facilities, factories, and transportation make the most of their PPE with regular mask reprocessing and keep things running with electrostatic disinfection.

  • Restaurants and cafés host several guests per day at their location and manage hundreds of pickup and takeout orders per week. Professionally disinfected dining areas, kitchens, and pickup stations add a layer of security to all of these interactions.
  • Essential businesses such as hardware centres, big-box retailers, pharmacies, grocery stores, and more work hard to meet new sanitization recommendations while also managing customer requests, store tidiness, and stock levels. Electrostatic disinfection treatments provide full surface coverage – even in hard to reach or shadowed places that might otherwise be missed. Proper PPE for essential workers protects overall workplace health, and mask reprocessing extends that investment in your workforce.
  • Venues such as arenas, movie theatres, playhouses, art galleries, museums, places of worship, funeral homes and more are finding creative new ways to keep operations going. Preventative measures such as electrostatic disinfection fit seamlessly between regularly scheduled programming.
  • Educators and administrators at universities, colleges, high schools, elementary schools, and daycare centers managing in-person education are finding imaginative ways to keep physically distant and disinfected. Keep staff and students safe with regular electrostatic disinfection for classrooms.
  • Care providers in long-term care, dental offices, physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage clinics, and veterinary hospitals can build a safety net of useable masks in case of future shortages and prolong the life of costly PPE with SteriRight mask reprocessing services.
  • Factories, assembly lines, food processing plants, warehouses, and shipping facilities can keep things moving with N95 mask reprocessing and electrostatic disinfection on shift.
  • Regularly scheduled electrostatic disinfection between boot camps or classes keeps your gym, studio, or recreational facility and equipment healthy.

To learn more about how SteriRight’s services fit within your operations or to request a quote, contact us online or call 905-960-0420.

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